Leek & Spoon

Participatory Performance: Leek and Spoon
Presented by Leek and Spoon Productions
Thurs. 21.2. at 10 am – 1 pm
English Theatre Berlin

Leek and Spoon is a German and English performance/children’s theatre workshop that begins with a Shakespeare text, Henry the Fifth, and turns it inside out and upside down and then leaves everything unresolved for the kids to work out their own ending. Important themes such as: friendship, war, the Bard himself, cooking and communication are put on the chopping block by two German/English speaking battlefield scientists and lovable cowards. They meet by sheer dumb-luck when each attempts to flee the battlefield of Agincourt, and desert his respective army. As both sides are poised to enact bloody carnage and unspeakable atrocities, our two heroes are forced to cooperate in order to escape certain death. With no common language or habits to speak of, delightful misunderstandings abound as these two defunct soldiers face off in a high adventure of desperate survival. The objective: GET HOME ALIVE! but just as the possibility of a peaceful horizon seems clear, the battle comes to them and it’s their turn to face the music or in this case, the kids!

This forty-five minute performance – which includes music/singing, role-play, language games, explorations into classic Shakespearean moments and cooking – is followed by a writer’s workshop and acting session, where the participants will collaborate to stage the last 1/3 of the piece over the following two hours and decide the fate of our lovable, oft times harebrained and most cowardly warriors.

Leek and Spoon is a devised performance piece produced by members of the
Shakespeare im Park Berlin team.

Rute Chaves – Costume
Maxwell Flaum – Leek
Tina Kettering – Dramaturgy, Creative Writing Workshop Conductor
Peter Priegann – Spoon