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Aktuell: Strength & Health März (For English Press Release Scroll Down)
Premiere am 8. März 2013

SHAKESPEARE IM PARK BERLIN kommt diesen März direkt aus dem Görlitzer
Park ins English Theatre, um im Rahmen eines Fresswettbewerbs die fünf
Finalisten des vierten Ten-Minute Play Contest – der
Nachwuchsautoren-Förderung des ETB – auszurufen. Das diesjährige
Wettbewerbsmotto lautet „Berlin Was Yesterday. Expatriate Traffic from
the Kaiser to Kotti.“

Die Gewinner werden geschnetzelt, paniert, knusprig frittiert und in
einer performativen Gesamtinstallation auf silbernem Tablett serviert.
Über all dem wacht ein regisseurialer Geräuschchor.

SHAKESPEARE IM PARK BERLIN hat sich 2010 gegründet und ist auf die
Entwicklung innovativer Formate zur künstlerischen Erkundung des
öffentlichen Raums spezialisiert. Im Sommer 2012 konnten die
Theaterkünstler mit „Utopia™ – Where All Is True“  über 4.000 Besucher

Freitag, 08. März 2013 / 20 Uhr, English Theatre Berlin

Samstag, 09. bis Dienstag, 12. März, Donnerstag, 14. und Samstag, 16.
März (jeweils 20 Uhr)

Eintritt 13 € / 8 €
Tickets +49(0)306911211 /

Mit Maxwell Flaum, Alberto di Gennaro, Peter Priegann, Sebastian Rein,
Errol Shaker, Brandon Woolf & den Autoren

Jury Katrin Beushausen, Maxwell Flaum und Brandon Woolf Konzept, Regie
u. Bühne SHAKESPEARE IM PARK BERLIN Kostüm Arianne Vitale Cardoso
Licht Jake Witlen Produktions- und Regieassistenz Rowena Waack

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Sarah Rosenau
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Strength & Health: March (Premiere – March 8, 2013)

This March, SHAKESPEARE IM PARK BERLIN will wash up on English Theatre shores – ravenous and flea-bitten from its summer exploits – in order to convene an epic eating competition (also known as the fourth annual Ten-Minute Play Contest).

The playwrights themselves will grease the gears of a well-oiled (or deep-fried) wurst-production and consumption apparatus. Three talented Fressers will gobble down everything the writer-kitchen can pump out. And a Greek-ish-Karaoke-Chorus of directors will preside (high) over the tightly scheduled affair. There will be fries and franks (and gluten-free veggie tempura). Ketchup. Gold-plated-Hoover-trophies. And lots and lots of Mayo.

The eating begins at English Theatre Berlin (Fidicinstrasse 40) at 8PM on March 8th and will run through March 16th. Over 45 emerging playwrights submitted multi-lingual performance texts which responded to the call: “Berlin Was Yesterday – Expatriate Traffic from the Kaiser to Kotti” – part of a larger effort from the English Theatre to reflect upon Berlin’s expat community and the discourse that surrounds it. The jury then selected 5 “winners” that will be breaded, battered, fried to a crisp, and served tableside with white gloves, Michelin-style:

• „Physical Excercises“ by Marie Hoffmann
• „Culture“ by Emal Ghamsharick
• „Symphony of Everyday Life“ by Claire Delaby & Alberto Di Gennaro
• „Fluffers“ by Harvey Rabbit
• „Lass die Nutten tanzen“ by Antoine Hummel & Jacques Pradillon

Just who will succumb to and who will help to perpetuate the cultural sausage factory?

English Theatre will be divided into five, integrated and interdependent installations, coordinated and executed by three ensembles – actors, writers, directors – in perfect harmony. The authors occupy the bathroom equipped with oil, potatoes, and a plethora of condiments. High above the peanut gallery, the director-team will perform every word of the “winning” plays with the help of their handy-dandy Karaoke-Algorithm . And the actors? Well, they eat. And eat. And eat. And eat.

Friday, March 8, 2013 / 8PM, English Theatre Berlin

March 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16 at 8PM

Entry 13 € / 8 €
Tickets +49(0)306911211 /

With Maxwell Flaum, Alberto di Gennaro, Peter Priegann, Sebastian Rein, Errol
Shaker, Brandon Woolf & the Writers

Jury Katrin Beushausen, Maxwell Flaum and Brandon Woolf Concept, Direction, & Stage Design SHAKESPEARE IM PARK BERLIN Costume Design Arianne Vitale
Cardoso Lighting/Video Design Jake Witlen Production Assistance Rowena Waack